Giovanny & Selene | Engagement Session


This past weekend we photographed Giovanny and Selene’s engagement session. They were such a great couple to work with and we also really enjoyed getting to meet and photograph their young son. The two of them shared their beautiful proposal story with us afterwards. Giovanny and Selene had set a big goal for their upcoming years to travel to new places. In 2017, Giovanny surprised Selene on her birthday with a trip to the Dominican Republic. Little did Selene know that Giovanny had a master plan for the trip. Once the two had arrived to the Dominican Republic, Giovanny took Selene to a beach and they spent the rest of the day there relaxing and soaking in all the beauty. The next three days the two enjoyed a variety of different activities in Punta Cana, from boat rides to snorkeling to zip lining to parasailing. The following day, Giovanny decided to take Selene back to the first beach they’d went to when they’d arrived. It was there that he officially proposed to her on June 8, 2017. The two were filled with emotions and Selene happily said yes! It was the most perfect day for them! We absolutely loved hearing their proposal story and are so excited to photograph and film their wedding day next year in April!